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Benefits to Employers


Work experience for pre 16 students is often a critical element of their preparation for a real working life. It is used to provide the underpinning knowledge that supports vocational study that leads to qualifications. This offers young people a chance to not only show signs of maturity and responsibility but to gain an understanding of what is meant by employability skills. Work experience also gives young people an insight into future career opportunities and what may be required of them in a work environment by potential employers.

Benefits to Employers:


  • Businesses will gain new ideas and fresh enthusiasm from students that are keen to develop the skills they need for the world of work

  • Students are enthusiastic and hard working

  • Opportunity to promote a positive image of their organisation

  • Improved understanding of the education system

  • Chance to develop recruitment channels through links with schools and colleges

  • Opportunity to evaluate new employees – leading to potential part time/fulltime/apprenticeships    


We work very closely with secondary schools and numerous other educational establishments in creating work experience opportunities.

In 2012 we began to branch out and offer work experience opportunities for post 16 learners. We pride ourselves on continuing to be successful and flexible organisation in the provision of work experience for both pre and post 16 students. Our vision for work experience is to be a one-stop shop for pre and post 16 work experience opportunities, linking to 14-19 academic and vocational pathways, providing rich and flexible programmes that match young peoples needs particularly where a varied curriculum has been introduced.

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